Friday, September 30, 2005

Role Reversal

I've never experienced this week before.
It has been a week where Spartan fans have walked around with their chests pumped and Wolverines are humbled. It is usually the other way around during Michigan-Michigan State week.
And you know something? It is kind of enjoyable. It is fun to see the shoe on the other foot and see how folks act.
The Spartans are pumped because their team (4-0) is ranked 11th nationally and folks are talking about quarterback Drew Stanton being a Heisman Trophy candidate. Michigan fans are a tad laid back because their team (2-2) has not looked like a championship caliber team.
The Wolverines are injured, fumble prone, non mistake proof and look like an also-ran in the Big Ten.
Players recognize the problem and have responded with a players only meeting and some soul searching. We are hearing Steve Breaston might be demoted to third string receiver. He looks like a guy trying to learn the position now that Braylon Edwards is in the pros.
Michigan has shown no reason why it should win this game. None.
But we can expect the Wolverines to remain competitive because its Michigan and this is a bitter rivalry. How many times have we left the Spartans for dead and they came through and won a tight game.
The strange thing about this game is we will look closer at the loser than the winner. If Michigan loses it would have a losing record in October. That is a no-no and will cause fans to scream for Coach Lloyd Carr's head.
Do not waste your breath. I've spoken to the Michigan Mafia and Carr is not going any where unless he wants to. National championships give you bullet proof vests. Lets say Michigan loses five or six games. My folks tell me Carr is not going out that way.
If State loses we will brand it a choker that failed to dunk big brother when it was down. This could threaten the traditional Spartan slide where one moment or one game brings them down.
I hope and pray that does not happen, for once.
My take is MSU takes care of business and sends shock waves to Ann Arbor.
Michigan State 28, Michigan 20

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Why Do We Listen to Beno Cook?

Sorry guys. I don't get why Beno Cook matters any more.
It seems as if every radio show and football show across the country needs to get him on the air to talk college football. I really don't think he knows what he's talking about.
He lost me again this weekend when he talked about a player who was emerging as a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate.
I really thought he was going to shock the world and bring up Michigan State quarterback Drew Stanton, a guy you need to place into the equation. That would have been too genius for Beno. Instead he waxed about Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn.
Now I do respect Quinn. But how can you bring him up over Stanton who beat the Irish and leads the unbeaten Spartans (4-0 overall, 1-0 in the Big Ten) into a big battle Saturday against Michigan (2-2)?
Cook really lost me a long time ago when he predicted Notre Dame quarterback Ron Powlus to win three Heisman Trophy awards. Beno only missed that one by three.
He bumbles and stumbles and makes predictions that never come true. Yet ESPN and everybody else parades him around as if he matters.
I say enough of Beno. He's had his moment in the sun.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I Lost a Listener Last Week

I lost a listener last week.
I said that I do not believe our country should be in war in Iraq. I never believed the weapons of mass destruction propaganda. I never believed invading Iraq was vital to our national security.
I thought it was a waste of man power, money and more important lives. I read the other day that the United States does not want us to know this dirty little secret.
Did you know more than 100,000 people have died in this war?
I do not approve of this message.
Our men and women are dying daily in this conflict. That is what bothers me most. Families mourn every day as bodies are flown back to the United States.
One of the listeners objected and said he and his friends would never listen to the Sports Inferno again. They said I'd gone beyond my rights. I of course totally disagree and if they don't want to listen that is fine with me.
I will speak my mind and let you know how I feel. That's me.
If you want to march out because of my views you are welcome to do so.
I hate this war and I am not afraid to say it.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Watch for Campaign to Save Tram's Job

The Tigers are leaning toward firing Manager Alan Trammell when the season ends. That is how terrible this thing has spiraled.
But despite what you've heard from others a definite decision has not been made. That is why you are going to hear voices inside and outside the organization talk up Trammell this week.
Some believe that Tram can be saved and that there are circumstances beyond his control. You will hear their voices. And they will make a public campaign to at least cause you to change your minds about him.
I don't think it will work. But look for that next week.
I believe a good percentage of the players don't care if Trammell stays or goes. But there are some who believe he was given a bad team with a bad attitude and they cannot pass judgment on him. That is one reason we got some of those leaks out of the dressing room.
They wanted you to know that Trammel was not the only reason for the Tigers' problems. They wanted you to take a critical look at President Dave Dombrowski and catcher Pudge Rodriguez.
The ball is in motion to fire Tram. But there is a wildcard and that is owner Mike Ilitch. He may say no even if Dombrowski says yes.
But it might be difficult for Ilitch to say no if Dombrowski presents Jim Leyland to him.
Stay tuned. The Tigers soap opera continues and you won't want to miss the exciting conclusion.

Friday, September 23, 2005

All I did was dance with the Girl. Honest.

If you listen to our show The Sportsinferno on 1270 AM you know my broadcast partner Mike Valenti bust my chops about being a ladies man.
For the most part it is not true. But things got a little out of control Thursday night during our Football Fantasy show at Malarkey's in Southgate. First of all this is a beautiful place and is one of the better hang out places I've been to. It is on the corner of Eureka and Dix Highway and this is going to be our Thursday hangout place for Fantasy Football for the remainder of the football season. But a reminder. We will be there Wednesday of next week because Mike and I have an engagement at JD's Key Club in Pontiac next Thursday.
Back to last night.
I was bad for once.
I was working the audience and had three invitations to join people at their tables for talk and drinks. I knew I should have left the Spartan babe alone. But I didn't.
She was with her boyfriend so I figured everything was innocent. But she was friendly and flirtatious and everybody was having a good time.
We danced. It wasn't exactly an up with people dance and things might have gotten out of hand when my girl Ambrosia joined us. The crowd seemed to like it and I was having a blast until the Spartan girls boyfriend rolled up and snatched her from the dance floor.
I mean it was like one of those Hanna Barbara cartoons when you are there one second and disappear the next. She left quicker than Mike's temper when the Spartans blow a football game in the last minute.
I know Mike is going to bust my chops today. So I want to defend myself by saying Ambrosia was just as much to blame. I think she liked Ambrosia just as much as me.
Any way the beginning of today's show might be hilarious. I simply want to say I am innocent of all charges that will be levied against me.

Full EMU Story

If you want to see the full EMU diary story and other stories by me and my radio partner Mike Valenti please go to It is the web site of our radio show which can be heard on 1270 XYT The Sports Station Monday through Friday from 10-2 p.m.
Check out our show if you can get away from work. And also check out our web site

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Behind The Scenes at EMU

I had a rare opportunity to spend a day with Eastern Michigan's football program leading up to last week's 55-0 loss to Michigan at Michigan Stadium.
I was only there for a day, but there are so many things that go into preparing for a game -- even one you are expected to get crushed in.
My story appears in today's Detroit News and it only scratches the surface of what I wanted to write. There were so many things I observed.
You may not think much of Eastern's program. It has struggled for about 15 years. But Genyk will turn that program around. The Eagles won't be great. But they are going to be respectable and contend for the Mid American Conference title.
Check out my story today. If any of you want a copy of the longer original version e-mail me at and I will send you a copy of that. We had to knock it down a lot for space reasons.
But check the story out and let me know what you think.
It is part of my weekly look into college football. My next stop is urban football at Wayne State University

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It is Time for MSU to Validate

A few summers ago The Detroit News sent me to Tree Tops Resort to cover the Par Three Shootout. It was always a relaxing couple of days and I enjoyed the trip up north.
One of the rules in the skins game is when a player won a hole he had to validate with a par or better and tying the following hole. I did not like the rule. I felt if you won a hole you won the hole.
Now Michigan State's football team must validate after winning a very important hole last weekend. The Spartans shocked college football by beating Notre Dame 44-41 in overtime last weekend and now a classic trap game awaits Saturday at Illinois.
This is a game the Spartans typically lose.
They generally do not win following big wins against Michigan and Notre Dame. They become fat and sassy and all the Sparty love makes them content.
It is time to change tradition. MSU is a better team than Illinois and the Spartans should demand more of themselves and beat the Illini.
If the Spartans want to be considered among the elite they must defeat lesser programs. We've seen them blow games under four different coaches so it must be a MSU thing. Now is the time to change things and begin a special season.
This offense is good enough to scare anybody. The defense is porous enough to keep everybody in games. That is the scary part. But the Spartans need a new attitude of they won't be stopped.
They must ignore all the good things people are saying about them and remain focused. There is no reason MSU should lose to Illinois except for the ugly past which keeps coming back to haunt them.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Now Do You See What I Saw in Lions?

Now do you see why I was so down after the Lions victory over Green Bay?
While the rest of you celebrated I simply saw the same old Lions beat a team that played worse. I was not buying that as a turn around game or something to build on. It was a dreadful display followed by the most dreadful game in the Matt Millen era.
Sunday's 38-6 loss at Chicago was dangerous. It may have fractured a team, in addition to shatter the confidence of the community. The Lions are pointing fingers, doubting teammates and they might need every moment of this two-week lay off to get it together.
The offensive line was pathetic again and gave quarterback Joey Harrington little or no protection. The defense did not get the bale outs from officials and declining quarterback play from Brett Favre it did the previous week in a 17-3 victory over Green Bay.
And what can you say about Harrington? Five interceptions? Are you sure they did not sneak Ty Detmer out there?
He looked lost and confused and all the blemishes fans say he has was there in living technicolor. Harrington was unsure and tentative. Every pass was a leap of faith.
And in a signature play that we will talk about for days, Roy Williams turned wimp and sold out his quarterback on a route he backed off of and then refused to fight to. The result was a back breaking interception by the Bears that turned the Lions into pugulists on the field.
Running back Kevin Jones screamed at Willams. And he deserved it. Harrington told him he blew it.
My guess is the dressing room has lost confidence in Harrington again. Players try to believe in him but every time they do he fails them. Of course the offensive line turned their backs on him while the Bears turned loose with a ferocious pass rush.
And speaking of pass rushes. Did anyone tell defensive coordinator Dick Jaron that it is OK to blitz a rookie quarterback? Bears quarterback Kyle Orton looked dazed and confused the week before against Washington, which at one point blitzed him on 14 of 16 plays.
The Lions sat back like the fat and lazy Lions in the Detroit Zoo and the rookie picked them apart.
So now do you see? Now do you see why I dogged them on Fox 2 last week and again on the Sports Inferno?
You saw victory. I saw same ol' Lions. And now maybe we see the same thing after this loss.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Michigan State-Notre Dame

Your thougts on Michigan State's 44-41 overtime victory over Notre Dame


Your thoughts on today's game.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I won't Hush

A number of you demanded that I leave politics alone and stick to sports.You were upset because I called Barbara Bush insensitive for her remarks about people losing their homes and living in a smelly dome. She chuckled that since many of them were poor that they were probably better off.To those who say I should leave those subjects alone I say request denied.In other words I will write what I want.What you don't understand is I am a United States citizen and tax payer before I am a sports writer. I have views that affect my life and yours and I have the opportunity to express them just as you do.And I will.There is something called free speech in this country and I encourage all of you to exercise it. If you must have your views published you know how to go about it.We can disagree. But I will never ask that your voice be silenced -- no matter how silly it may sound.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Now Others Are Reporting the Truth About Pudge

Do you remember our battle of a few weeks ago where some of you debated that I was irresponsible for unearthing some Tiger dirt?
Well the dirt is coming out now. The things we talked about five weeks ago are being printed by the main stream media. I know many of you doubted me when I said Pudge Rodriguez was disgruntled and wants out of Detroit.
You wanted to believe in him and you doubted me. That is cool. I am very careful about things like this. I only went with it when I was certain it was true.
Here is what you can expect during the off season. Rodriguez will officially ask the Tigers to trade him. He does not respect his teammates and he does not respect the organization. The problem is he will be hard to trade. There are a lot of miles in that body and the guy hardly looks like the second coming.
He is a cancer in that dressing room and the Tigers need a cleansing. And while you are at it you can say good bye to Mags Ordonez too. He does not want to be here either. I told you a few weeks ago I expect Alan Trammell to return as manager next season. I still expect that to happen but don't take that one to the bank. But if Tram stays Kirk Gibson should be let go as bench coach.
There is too much resentment from current players for him and the Tigers could flirt with further disaster if he stays another season. Stay tuned. There is more to come on this in the coming days.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Packers Give Game Away

I really felt bad last night. I sat next to the Book and the Voice with the giddy voices of celebration from the fans ringing in my ears. People were happy and sappy over the Lions season-opening 17-3 victory over Green Bay Sunday at Ford Field. Any time the Lions win it is reason to celebrate.
Some have fallen into the trap that they have finally arrived. I am not buying it. I thought the Lions looked terrible for much of the game and benefited by horrific play by the Packers. There was one stretch where it seemed as if Green Bay committed a penalty on every play. They were called for 14 penalties for 100 yards and that does not count the three other times the Lions turn down penalties or the one play where two flags were thrown on the same play.
We often view games from a Lions prospective and give them all the praise during wins and all the blame during losses. I thought this game was mostly about Green Bay.
It was mostly about a team that laid one of the biggest eggs of the day.
I credit the Lions for taking advantage, but it sure was scary watching the Packers implode on every play yet were only one score behind for much of the game.
It was good to see the defense not get shredded. But then again if Favre had any accuracy he would have thrown for at least two touchdowns. Instead the Packers scored he fewest points in the Favre era.
Let me wait and see another week. I see a better team, but the Lions don't look any better than they have the last three seasons, during which they won their openers.
You guys celebrate. I will continue to worry.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Barbara Bush is Way off Base

I always thought George W. Bush was the knucklehead of the group. Now I see where he gets his sometimes clue less ways.
Momma Barbara Bush is not wrapped too tight herself. She showed great sensitivity to the victims of Hurricane Katrina when she said this dandy about the displaced families spending their lives in the Houston Astrodome.
"And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this -- this [she chuckles slightly] is working very well for them," Babs Bush said.
You've got to be kidding me!
Yeah, it is working out for everybody in the gulf states. It is probably great knowing they don't have a home. It is great that families are split and people don't know where their moms, dads and children are.
It must be great to see your neighborhood flooded and on fire and being patrolled by the military.
That sounds like a great week to me.
I should be so lucky. Sign me up.
I grew up poor. Our family had more than many of the people we see in Mississippi and New Orleans, but we struggled at times. My mother could not afford to keep me so I stayed with my grandmother and aunt.
But no matter how tough times got. No matter how much you had to cut back, it was home. And I loved every waking moment in my little house on Detroit's west side. I didn't want to be any place else.
I learned that being home with family was more important than anything else.
You know something. I felt rich because I had my people. And that is all that mattered.
Bush needs a reality check.
Then again maybe she is right. These people look like they are having a rocking good time.
Wouldn't you be?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Docs Sports Retreat

Come on out to Doc's Sports Retreat tonight to meet the Sports Inferno. Mike and I will be there from 8-10 p.m.
Docs is located on 7 Mile and I-275 freeway next to the Lone Star Steakhouse.
Mike will talk fantasy football and I am going to meet and greet and pass out flowers to the ladies. We also have a weekly raffle. Tonight we have tickets to a huge football game in Ann Arbor this weekend. For some silly season I am not allowed to tell you what game it is. But lets just say it involves Irish people and folks who scream Go Blue.
Who knows. You just might win.
Come say hi, watch the NFL opener and lets hang.

Watch Out! Favre is Injured. That's Dangerous

I smell a rat.
It's a big fat cheese eating rat. The rat is coming to Ford Field Sunday when the Green Bay Packers take on the Detroit Lions in the first regular season game of the year.
The rat is quarterback Bret Favre. He twisted his ankle during the Packers final preseason game and hobbled off the field like he was grandma Clampett.
The Packers told everybody they were concerned. Favre sat out a couple of practices and when he returned Wednesday he sprayed the ball all over the place.
Suddenly he looked like Scott Mitchell in decline and he shrugged in front of the media "everybody has a bad day."
Earlier he talked about his concerns for family who were in the path of Hurricane Katrina.
This is bad news for the Lions. We are accustomed to Favre struggling in Ford Field. But when the guy comes in beaten down, injured and and destitute that is when he is his most dangerous.
Remember last season when a loss at Ford Field would end their season? The Packers dominated and began their first step toward making the playoffs. Coach Mike Sherman who took over the play calling and Favre were the ring leaders.
We keep looking for the decline of Favre. Afterall he will be 36 this season and his defense is so bad that he might have to force more passes than even he likes to.
But the guy is dangerous just as long as he can sling a football. He is even more dangerous when his life appears to be in ruins.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Help a young lady out. A young woman is interested in sports journalism and I encouraged her to begin a web log. Check her out at Give her some feed back. And don't be mean. She is young.

Lives Ruined at CMU

A child is dead. A couple football careers lie in ruins.
It makes no sense. This sad story takes place on the campus of Central Michigan University where I attended school two decades ago.
CMU football players Jerry Seymour and Spencer Lewis were indicted for the second degree murder of DeMarcus Graham. James Edward Cooper, a third CMU player was also indicted on two counts of perjury.
How do you get in trouble in Mt. Pleasant? What was the argument about? What happened that caused the death of a young man.
Besides the dead young man, the person we are most concerned about is Seymour who is an outstanding tailback that reminded some of a mini Barry Sanders. He had a shot at the NFL and a shot at making something of himself.
But all of that is on hold until the courts have their say.
This began June 25, 2004 when Graham was beaten unconscious outside Shaboom’s Pub Club. He died at St. Mary’s Hospital in Saginaw July 14.
It makes no sense. A young man is dead and at least three others are in serious trouble.
I often don't understand how people blow opportunities in life. I wish I were good enough to play football or basketball at a Division I school. I'd milk that for all its worth.
It is an honor to play for any school. All you have to do is play, study and have fun and you are made in the shade.
I hope a young athlete reads this. You don't know how lucky you are. Think about that when trouble brews.
It is ok to walk away. It is ok to have friends call you a wimp for not sticking around and handling business.
It will be the most important cowardly act of your life.
Just walk.

Next Stop: Alma College

Please read today's Detroit News. My college football tour of the state of Michigan began in Mt. Pleasant where Central Michigan University played Indiana in the season-opener for both teams. It was a huge weekend for CMU because it was the first time a Big Ten team visited the campus.
My next stop this weekend is Alma College, a place I've never visited despite going to school only 15 minutes away. Once again I am looking for unique stories that make Alma College football and what surrounds it unique and interesting.
A number of you say the Saginaw Valley game at Grand Valley is a must-do. I received more letters about this game than any other. Rest assured I will attend this game next month in Allendale.
But first Alma. If there are interesting people or sights you know about please drop me a line at
Thank you and I look forward to my first visit there.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Every Little Bit Helps

There have been a lot of kind people who've donated time and money to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.
I want to share a story about my kids Celine who turns 6 in two weeks and Little B who is 3. They were watching the news about the victims and said they wanted to help the people and wanted to give money.
I said the family was making a donation and daddy had it covered. But they insisted in making their own donation. They have dimes and quarters and pennies in their little piggy banks and they disappeared for a while and returned with a jar of money.
They wanted to donate so we counted their money and put $3.23 in an envelope and turned it in with the other family donation to the American Red Cross.
Now they feel as if they are helping. They are happy when they see people eating and drinking and they believe they are partly responsible.
Of course their little money won't go far. But I am happy to see my kids want to help others and I tell them that every little bit helps.


Our buddy Jemele Hill has this hurricane stuff covered also. I encourage you to go to and check her out.
We like to check out each other's websites.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

What is Going on in New Orleans?

Is this really the United States of America?
If that is the case why is a 105-year-old woman roaming the streets of New Orleans holding the hand of a five-year-old grand daughter?
That's nearly a week after Hurricane Katrina hit this gulf coast town. It is several days after President Bush said help is on the way. New Orleans is no more. It is a memory and Katrina showed how vulnerable our country is.
Officials and troops say help came too little and too late because we have so many resources in this failed war in Iraq. We are spread too thin and cannot help our own.
Now about 40,000 National Guard are in New Orleans and another 10,000 are on their way. They've cut down on the lawlessness but we still hear reports of murder and rape. We hear there are thousands of bodies in New Orleans floating in water and many are on the street wrapped in blankets.
I understand why we cannot get the ones under water, but what about people laying dead on the streets?
This whole thing has been sickening. Our government dropped the ball on this by responding too slow. And it began years ago when local officials asked for $72 million to strengthen the levees that gave away. That seems like a small price to pay for a city that was as vulnerable to storm as New Orleans.
There are thousands of stories of hardship we don't even know about. I read this morning about people in Mississippi who said they are in worst shape. But the world does not know.
I do encourage everybody to do their small part and donate to the American Red Cross or Salvation Army. These are our people and we must do as much as we can for them

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Lions had No Interest in Trading Harrington Even Before Garcia Injury

Even if Jeff Garcia were healthy the Lions were not going to trade quarterback Joey Harrington. But Kansas City Coach Dick Vermeil wanted to make sure for himself.
Despite the Lions denials a representative of the Chiefs called a Lions rep and let them know the team was interested. I am not certain the Chiefs even told the Lions what they were willing to give up for Harrington.
The Lions let them know quickly there was no chance of a deal.
My sources have told me that Vermeil believes he can turn Harrington into a top flight quarterback. He believes Harrington is in a system that does not suit him well and believes there will be less pressure on Harrington in Kansas City.
Vermeil also believes Harrington will respond to his touchy love.
The Chiefs were willing to give the Lions multiple draft picks but no players.
I am not sure talks got that far, but I am sure the Lions quickly said no.
The Chiefs are worried that starting quarterback Trent Green's leg problems might be more serious than anticipated. And injured backup Todd Collins has had off the field problems that worries the team.
So don't be surprised if the Chiefs look elsewhere for a quarterback.

Michigan vs. Northern Ilinois

Michigan played Northern Illinois at Michigan Stadium. What did you think of the Wolverines?

Michigan State vs. Kent State

You can post your thoughts on the Michigan State-Kent State. What did you think of the Spartans?

Friday, September 02, 2005

Billups Blasts Brown

Pistons guard Chauncey Billups is no fan of the way his former coach Larry Brown handled project Darko Milicic.
His fear is that Brown might have "beaten" Milicic up so badly mentally that he may never become a good NBA player.
Billups dumped a big load on Brown' lap during Thursday's Sport Inferno Show at Lucky's of Novi. Fans immediately reacted to what Billups' words much of the day.
“I just think Larry beat him up too much,” Billups said. “He beat him up and tore the kid’s confidence apart too much and it was too tough for him to recover. Maybe having a new face in Flip (Saunders), it is different. Hopefully he didn’t beat him up too much where he can never recover.
“The kid has unbelievable talent and there’s nothing he can’t do out there on the court.”

Milicic, 20, came to the Pistons as a 7-foot jump shooting small forward. Brown attempted to turn him into a post player, an experiment that has yet to pay dividends.
Milicic has scored just 115 points in two seasons and is shooting 29 percent from the field.
Billups said he attempted to talk to Milicic, but said he did not get support from the coaching staff.
“I have done a lot to help him but when I would try to help him with that I was not getting help from the coaching staff,” Billups said. “I just wanted Larry to play him some minutes in the second quarter or third quarter-minutes where it is not going to hurt the game or affect the game. It would get him thinking he can play or he is one of the good players on the team. And that keeps him from having those self confidence problems.”
Billups said Milicic deserved more playing time in the second and third quarters, but Brown refused.

** In the same interview Billups picked the Pistons to return to the NBA Finals to face San Antonio. The Miami Heat made significant changes by bringing in point guard Jason Williams and forward Antoine Walker. But neither are strong defensive players.
“Everybody knows you got to be able to play defense and stop people,” Billups said. “Everybody knows we and San Antonio are the best teams and I think it is going to be the same way.”

Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Inferno Era

Today begins an important stretch for the Sports Inferno .This is make or break for us and make or break for AM 1270 The Sports Station. This is our strongest line up in station history. If this does not work then nothing will.Our show expands an hour from 10-2 and the Big Show takes over from there until 6:30 p.m.
Our coming out party takes place at Lucky's in Novi's Fountain Walk. It is a gigantic facility with everything from games and booze to solid food and a soon to open bowling alley. I hope to meet as many people as possible. This is a big day because this new time slot will define our show and our station.We need more exposure and more listeners. And we will get them. I feel confident of that. Our show was voted No. 2 sports talk show twice and I won't be satisfied until we are number one. Tonight we continue our fantasy football party at Doc's in Livonia which is located on 7 Mile and the I-275 exit. Mike will talk fantasy football. I will entertain.
And finally our big breaking out party ends Friday in the press box of Kelly-Shorts Stadium where Central Michigan will later play Big Ten foe Indiana.CMU Coach Brian Kelley will join us at noon. Chippewas Athletic Director Herb Deromedi around 10:30 and former Michigan coach Bo Schembechler at 1 p.m. I hope this is the start of big things and even bigger ratings.We need you every step of the way and I thank you for your continued support.
We need more because we are in a battle to keep what I believe to be the best sports show on our airwaves.